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residential roofing

We get it. It's easy to overlook roofing services until something prompts you to call a storm damage. But why wait for a moment of severity? Your roof is a valuable asset. Paying attention to this structure can save you a lot of time and money. For instance, have you noticed missing shingles or leaks? Discoloration in certain areas? Then its time to call us. Our team specializes in roofing services from A to Z. Whether you're in need of minor roofing repairs or roofing restoration services, we've got your back! Take a moment to explore our roofing services below. For a free estimate, call us today at (601) 212-1110

residential roofing

Residential roofing is our specialty at South Breeze Roofing LLC. Through the years we've worked with countless homeowners to repair and maintain their roofs with ease. Whether it's time for an inspection or you suspect damages to your roof, we're only a short phone call away. Our roofers know what to look for and how to readily replace missing shingles, perform patch work to stop and prevent leaks, as well as perform roofing restoration services.

commercial roof

Any building with a roof will need a qualified professional to repair and maintain structure of the roof. And that's just what we do. For commercial fronts of any scale, our roofers are more than able to handle all of your commercial roofing needs. Our services include commercial roofing restoration, partial roofing replacements, roofing repairs, roofing inspections and more! We work hard to keep the exterior and interior elements of your roof operating as they should while looking presentable!

residential restoration

Roofing restoration is, quite literally, the process of restoring your roof. Over time this structure can incur damages from weather elements and general exposure. While the average lifespan of a roof is 20 years, the majority of homeowners face severe problems with their roof long before that. That's why roofing restoration services can be a lifesaver. With the team at South Breeze Roofing LLC, we make our roofing restoration process as seamless as possible. Since this process involves building over what you currently have, the time frame on roofing restoration is much faster. And far less of a headache than full roofing replacements!

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